MacBook Air Silver 13″ 8GB M1 Chip With 8‑Core CPU, 8‑Core GPU
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MacBook Air Silver 13″ 8GB M1 Chip With 8‑Core CPU, 8‑Core GPU

$699.00  /  0.03649 Ƀ


MacBook Air Gold 13″ 8GB M1 chip with 8‑core CPU, 7‑core GPU, and 16‑core Neural Engine Retina display with True Tone

(30 customer reviews)

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30 reviews for MacBook Air Silver 13″ 8GB M1 Chip With 8‑Core CPU, 8‑Core GPU

  1. Brad Pollina (verified owner)

    I do wish Apple had kept the mag-safe power supply, but I m not gonna dock Apple any stars for using USB-C for charging.

  2. kyle (verified owner)

    The M1 MB Air s battery life is amazing, I can use it all day and still have 50-60% battery remaining. My previous MB Air and MB Pro gave me around 5-6 hours of battery life (despite Apple promising ~10 hours) – which was barely enough to get me through the day.

  3. Tim Merrifield (verified owner)

    No complains so far. Very fast and performs great. I had a 2014 MacBook Air and finally upgraded this year. This is leagues beyond that entry and I’m very happy with this upgrade.

  4. Albert (verified owner)

    excelente lo habia soñado. contento con mi mac

  5. Siriwarin Lind (verified owner)

    Super computer. This is my second MacBook air that I have bought this year (one for my girlfriend). I really love it.

  6. Mark Boswell (verified owner)

    I wanted a new MacBook since it s been several years since I got my last Mac and the battery was going bad.

  7. angie reardon (verified owner)

    But for now, the M1 MacBook Air is the best MacBook I ve ever had, it fixes everything that I didn t like about previous MacBooks (except the webcam) and offers me a really great computing experience in just about every way.

  8. kyle (verified owner)

    256 GB only gives you to 140 Gb odd space to work with

  9. Tom46 (verified owner)

    Over the past 10 years, I ve had five MacBook Airs and three MacBook Pros (my employer provides a new one for my work every few years, and I upgrade my own at home every 1-2 years). Most recently, my personal computer has been an early 2020 intel quad core MacBook Pro and my work computer an early 2020 MacBook Air. The brand new M1 MacBook Air is my favorite by far, and fixes everything I didn t like about the MacBook Air & Pro introduced in early 2020.

  10. Dylan (verified owner)

    This is subjective, but I really prefer the MB Air form factor – the wedge shape and slightly lower weight – compared to the MB Pro. I also strongly dislike the MB Pro s Touch Bar. I ve had two different MB Pros with Touch Bars and they were nothing but trouble for me. When typing fast, my fingers would sometimes slightly graze the edge of the Touch Bar, which would trigger a command (like launching the Music app), which would interrupt my workflow. I know other people don t have that problem, and other people find the Touch Bar useful, but it s just not for me.

  11. William Flanagan (verified owner)

    With a delicious gold color and an overall thin, sleek design, this computer is for those who want their computer to look a bit more “fancy” than other options on the market.

  12. Haley (verified owner)

    ***As ridiculously expensive as Apple RAM is, when it s not upgradable, get the maximum, in this case, 16 GB.

  13. C. (verified owner)

    With the M1 chip, everything is extremely fast. I was able to set up this new machine with 10 minutes.

  14. melz (verified owner)

    I would say that the bottom line is that if you re someone who only uses a laptop for office & basic web surfing and only has a few tabs open at once, and you never experience overheating or the dreaded beach ball “not responding” issues, or if you have non-Apple programs that have not been compiled for the M1 chip, hold off on the upgrade until more apps run natively on the M1. If however, you really need a machine that is MUCH more capable, faster and cooler running than the Intel models, it s a solid buy and an amazing upgrade from any non-upgradable Mac.

  15. rocketman (verified owner)

    Keyboard: good typing feel

  16. Haley (verified owner)


  17. SusanH (verified owner)

    This laptop solves all the problems of the previous Air s, it doesn t get super hot and the fans kick on obnoxiously loud. Performance is top notch, and the only real downfall is the lack luster webcam, but I m not knocking off a star because every laptop has at least one compromise. This is a compelling package for the price, especially if you get more than 3 years out of it which is very doable. Overall was very impressed with this machine coming from a Ryzen 3500u Windows laptop.

  18. Olena Bovdur (verified owner)

    Responsiveness: quick to do what I want it to do.

  19. Albert (verified owner)

    I would recommend to go for 512 GM ssd

  20. Aadarsh Valderrama (verified owner)

    Usage: general purpose web browsing, office work, programming in Python, casual photo editing

  21. Barry May (verified owner)

    I really doubt that Apple will be making machines with user upgradable RAM after the switch from Intel is complete, except for possibly the very high end Pro models.

  22. Judith (verified owner)

    Overall, I love it. However, with that said there are some serious cons to consider before purchasing.

  23. Sandy Hatman (verified owner)

    I use it for school, work, and casual browsing. If that s what you re looking for, I recommend it. If you re looking for the best of the best, wait until they fix this camera.

  24. melz (verified owner)

    I would recommend to go for 512 GM ssd

  25. Tom46 (verified owner)

    Love the lightweight and easy to set up/configure capabilities. This is my first MAC although I have iPads and an Apple watch. Though it might be scary to move from Windows, but not at all. Like all Apple products – everything was seamless. Great price as well..

  26. Brenda (verified owner)

    with the m2chip the Macbook Pro is a fantastic upgrade

  27. whoa! (verified owner)

    Great shopping experience overall thx to the fantastic employee who assisted us

  28. edgardo v. (verified owner)

    Great shopping experience overall thx to the fantastic employee who assisted us

  29. Khaled (verified owner)

    with the m2chip the Macbook Pro is a fantastic upgrade

  30. SusanH (verified owner)

    Great shopping experience overall thx to the fantastic employee who assisted us

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