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Apple Watch Series 8 OLED 45 mm 4G Silver GPS (satellite)

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Apple Watch Series 8

Solid design.

Enduring beauty.

Perfectly crafted design.

Apple Watch Series 8 dazzles with its large, infinite display. Its bezels are so narrow that the screen extends all the way to the edge of the envelope, fitting perfectly into its shape.

Non-fading Retina display. To see a lot. To see a lot.

The bright, non-fading display makes the detailed dials easy to read and looks stunning even on a lowered wrist. The large screen accommodates all your favourite complications. And typing and navigating with taps or swipes is a real pleasure.

Harder than hard.

The innovative, edge-to-edge non-fading display dazzles not only with its beauty but also with its durability. Its thick front glass, robust construction and stable flat base make it extremely shatterproof.

On a healthier note.

The more you know about your health, the more effectively you can take care of it. And Apple Watch Series 8’s powerful health sensors will help you do just that, providing vital information.

Introducing temperature monitoring.

For complete cycle knowledge.

Apple Watch Series 8 has an innovative new sensor that monitors your temperature while you sleep, noting changes. Cycle tracking analyses the data to determine the likely time of your last ovulation. This information can help with family planning. And when combined with heart rate data and recorded cycle observations, it allows you to build a more detailed picture of your cycle.

Sleep assistant.

The Sleep app doesn’t just track how much time you’ve managed to sleep. It also knows how long the REM, basal and deep phases of your sleep lasted. And when something woke you up.


We hope you never need this innovation.

Here’s Accident Detection. Automatic assistance.Now Apple Watch Series 8 can recognise car crashes involving you. Accident Detection then automatically connects to emergency services and communicates your location to dispatchers. And it also notifies emergency contacts. Accident Detection is new to the Apple Watch. It uses a high accelerometer, a gyroscope with a wide dynamic range, a microphone, a barometer, GPS and an advanced sensor fusion algorithm based on the analysis of one million hours of data from real car crashes.

Stay in touch.

In closer contact with everything that matters.

Family configuration.

The whole family at your wrist.

With Family Configuration, you can pair the watches of loved ones who don’t have an iPhone with your iPhone.


We take responsibility for the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle. We strive to source 100% renewable or recycled materials to create all our products and packaging. We have incorporated a number of solutions in the design of Apple Watch to reduce its environmental impact.

Customer Reviews

9 reviews

9 reviews for Apple Watch Series 8 OLED 45 mm 4G Silver GPS (satellite)

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  1. J (verified owner)

    I bought a 41mm Cell version for my wife from apple bitcoin, my wife who is 5 ft nothing and small wristed, and she loves it as it fits well and doesn’t look awkward as a larger watch might. Battery life is about a day and a half. The cell feature is more for me as she can answer it quickly without hunting in her purse for 45 mins. Health features etc are all great.

    I’ve had a Galaxy watch 3 for a couple of years and really like it. I’m able to use wifi to make and answer calls around the house and the blood pressure app is accurate. It’s just feels twice as big profiled and for the ladies, the apple watch is just much better looking and easier to wear. I was really amazed at how well this smaller watch looked and performed.

    I would say that I’m surprised the glass isn’t a little better for apple watch. The galaxy uses gorilla glass and it’s scratch free after heavy use. Hopefully it’ll be OK as there is no bevel as there is on the galaxy.

    Finally, Apple hardware is just superior in most ways. The response and app performance is miles better than the Galaxy (of course mine is an older v3 Galaxy). when scrolling through apps or opening one, there is a noticeable lag on Galaxy and it’s butter smooth on the apple watch.

    3 products
  2. John Gannon (verified owner)

    Very happy wife has been using this watch every day without fail. Easy to charge at night time

    5 products
  3. Cmabern54 (verified owner)

    Excellent watch for monitoring Heart rate, ECG, buy the Quardio Blood pressure cuff & you can generate reports to provide your doc.

    1 product
  4. Preston (verified owner)

    Very well built by Apple and was delivered on time by Apple Bitcoin. I’m into the Apple ecosystem and love this new addition to my device collection. Battery life is wonderfully long – get about two days with at least a couple of hours of workout each day and I pretty much wear it the whole day.

    4 products
  5. July (verified owner)

    Love this watch! The sleep monitoring has really helped me understand how much and the quality sleep that I have been getting! Th quality of the hardware is really nice as well, no surprise there, apple does a good job.

    2 products
  6. SteveCee23 (verified owner)

    Nice addition to the Apple eco system. Lots of nice features. Setup is easy. thank you apple bitcoin

    2 products
  7. annette (verified owner)

    Received today paid with my coinbase account. It was so easy to set up, Not real crazy about the rubber watch band but there’s lots of bands to choose from.

    1 product
  8. Thad (verified owner)

    I bought this for myself as an early birthday gift. I LOVE this watch. I used to have a Fitbit over a decade ago. I haven’t really worn a watch since. I was most interested in ovulation tracking. The basal body temp reading works perfectly. I see a lot of men complaining about this feature, but you can see the actual temp reading in the health app, not just the delta from baseline. So those complaints aren’t valid. The health readings are so plentiful and accurate. I LOVE the cellular version, and it’s a must. I bought this on sale during Black Friday 2022, and Amazon had better deals than any other retailer on this watch. The cost of the GPS+Cellular that I got on sale was just slightly more than the Series 8 GPS only watch.

    I love tracking my fitness and calories lost. I love customizing the watch faces. It does everything I could ever want. It’s soooo cool! I use it all the time.

    3 products
  9. Nikki (verified owner)

    Got it yesterday. never had a watch like this before. it tracks my sleep. tells me how my
    work out are. love it 10/10 would buy again.@applebitcoin can you please send my other order faster?

    3 products
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